Loffler, Richard

SOLD Richard Loffler - The Sacred Robe

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SOLD Richard Loffler - The Sacred Robe

  • Bronze
  • Edition: 15
  • 21'' x 8'' x 10''
  • RLTheSacredRobe
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Sculpture published in Western Art Collector Magazine, April 2008, page 175. A Plains Indian, dressed in nothing more than his grandfathers buffalo robe, prays for courage and strength and blessings for his people. The robe, sacred to his family, has eagle feathers represented in the shape of a cross. The cross was an important symbol for the early missionaries who ventured west to preach the word of God. The power of the cross and the stories that were retold of a man who died with bravery for his people, were revered by many native tribes of North America. - Richard Loffler.