Veryl Goodnight - The Gathering

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Veryl Goodnight - The Gathering

  • Bronze
  • Edition: 150
  • 9'' x 4'' x 5''
  • $900.00
  • VGTheGathering
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"The grocery store of the pioneer women was in their backyard - the garden, chickens and milk cows. Animals were often more than a source for food, however. History tells of Charlie Goodnight's wife, the only white woman for miles, having lengthy conversations with her chickens. After having chicken model in my studio, I can understand why. The soft clucking is one of the most peaceful sounds I've experienced." -Veryl Goodnight. "The Gathering", a poem by Veryl Goodnight: The morning frost will soon disappear under the warmth of the rising sun. Breakfast was served and the dishes are done. And her husband has gone to return with the setting sun. It is time to put on her bonnet and go visit the hens. They'll give her fresh eggs while she talks to her friends. These closest companions for miles on end. So gather round girls and we'll talk about spring. We'll talk about life and the blessings it brings. We'll push aside lonely and think only of dreams.