Dixon, Maynard (1875-1946)

Maynard Dixon (1875-1946) - Tamalpais, Marin, County (San Francisco Mountains)

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Maynard Dixon (1875-1946) - Tamalpais, Marin, County (San Francisco Mountains)

  • Graphite, Pen, and Ink
  • C. 1893
  • 7.75'' x 4.75''
  • $5,800.00
  • PDX90321B-0317-001
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16.125 x 13.375 framed. The piece is framed so you can see both back and front. This Mount Tamalpais image is highly desirable, as it is an early rendering of San Francisco mountain in Marin County. This drawing was done while Dixon was going to art school, and has one of the earliest, and possibly the earliest known self-portrait of Dixon. A drawing from this time frame is rare, as many of these were lost in Dixon's studio fire during the great earthquake of 1906. Signed: L.M.D. and dated 93 in Dixon's hand LLQ. "Tamalpais" in Dixon's hand LRQ. Graphite on one side. Pen and ink on the other side. 7.75 x 4.75 each side. Dixon wrote "Caroline M. Edson from hesz trooli ME, Ahtis. Quick sketch of Redwoods. Tamalpais, Marin Co. (In this style)" Dixon sometimes purposely misspelled words, so that one could imagine the spoken accent when reading these words. He was an accomplished poet. "Hesz trooli, ME, Ahtis" means his truly, me, artist. Exhibited "Maynard Dixon's New Mexico Centennial" El Museo de Cultural, Santa Fe, NM, August 8-16, 2018. Published on page 55, “Maynard Dixon’s American West” by Mark Sublette.