Datz, Stephen C.

xSOLD Stephen C. Datz - Coffee with the Gossips (PLV90469-0122-001)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil
  • Size: 30'' x 60''
37" x 67" framed. Published in Western Art Collector Magazine, January 2022 issue, page 120. "Though famed for its eponymous stone spans, Arches National Park offers plenty of other fascinating geological wonders to explore and enjoy. This formation, called The Three Gossips, is one of those wonders, and is iconic in its own right. It greets every visitor driving along the main road into the Park, and has always struck me as something so quirky and improbable that it’s amazing to believe it was formed naturally. The light of sunrise washes this stunning Park in amazing crimson and orange light every morning, and I was fortunate to find myself there one one such occasion, sipping a hot cup of coffee, admiring the view, and wondering what they would say if those rocks could talk."


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