Datz, Stephen C.

Datz, Stephen C. - Silent Echoes

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Datz, Stephen C. - Silent Echoes

  • Oil on Canvas Panel
  • 32'' x 48''
  • $11,000.00
  • PLV90469-0316-011
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39.25" x 55.25" framed. Location: Echo Park, Dinosaur National Monument, CO. Artist comments: I first discovered this remote place 20 years ago, after having seen an Ansel Adams photo of it. I camped for 3 days and painted, and since then it has remained one of my most favorite places on the planet. This painting comes from a trip last fall that I made with the express intent of research for a large scale nocturne. The large rock is called Steamboat Rock, and this view of it is end-on. This point on the Green River is just below the confluence with the Yampa (which comes in below the big butte in the right background of the painting). I timed my trip for a “supermoon”, when the moonlight would be at its brightest, and thankfully nature cooperated with clear skies. The magic of this place was positively sublime on this bright and lovely autumn night.