Abrams, Amy

Schenck in the 21st Century by Amy Abrams

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Schenck in the 21st Century by Amy Abrams

  • Hardcover Book
  • C. Published 2013
  • 12'' x 11''
  • $65.00
  • B91903-0317-001
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212 pages. Schenck Southwest proudly announces the release of a hard bound book featuring 190 images of paintings, caption drawings, caption photos and caption paintings produced by Billy Schenck from 2000-2012. The text features his life and career in its entirety along with a complete bibliography. In an unprecedented move, there will be an entirely separate companion book titled "The Chronology of Billy Famous-An Authentic Story". This is an illustrated chronology that includes 38 new drawings and an epilogue that ends this wild and crazy story.