Patania, Sam

Sam Patania - Necklace with Bisbee Turquoise, Sapphire and 18K Gold

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Sam Patania - Necklace with Bisbee Turquoise, Sapphire and 18K Gold

  • C. Contemporary
  • $7,800.00
  • J91699-1114-005
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Length is 16.25". Pendant is 3x2.5". Weighs 26 grams. Artist Comments: This piece is a real departure for me, very open in design it utilizes negative space much more than my tradition allows. I want to get back to this idea in my work but this was the first of it _s kind. Part of what drives this design is the materials I had to work with, Bisbee turquoise, sapphire and 18K gold. This design self-edited, it could easily have gone way over the top had I had more gold! Even different shaped turquoise would have produced a different design. I often don _t feel connected to my work when I look at it when it _s finished, and can _t for the life of me remember my thought process or how I made a piece. My dad experiences this same feeling. It is such a joy to have him as my guide and mentor, a relationship most artists can _t have and it fills me with emotion to think of our wonderful relationship. This turquoise is purchased from a friend of mine, Bruce Mead who I have known for decades. He is a first rate turquoise cutter and has the best Bisbee available. Bisbee turquoise is much rarer than sapphire or diamond and I love having a friend who has the top quality turquoise to buy from. This design was my fist attempt to hang a necklace differently than I had ever worked before. I wanted it to be interesting, delicate and feminine, attributes rarely given to turquoise jewelry. The use of 18K gold allowed me to work in this fashion where sterling silver would have been too malleable. Gold also provides the rich look connecting two different worlds of jewelry, faceted sapphire and turquoise. Not only are these two different design ideas, turquoise and faceted stones, connected in their blue color but also in the color of the metal I chose and the architectural design I created."