York, Star Liana

Star Liana York - Rose in Bloom

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Star Liana York - Rose in Bloom

  • Bronze
  • Edition: 35
  • 23'' x 18'' x 16''
  • $9,000.00
  • SLYRoseinBloom
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'Rose in Bloom' depicts a young Navajo woman celebrating a moment. Dressed in her traditional skirt, shawl and moccasins, and adorned in jewelry crafted by artisans in her tribe, she is feeling beautiful. She lifts and flutters her skirt in a twirl as she celebrates her femininity. She is excited but as indicative in her Navajo culture, she is also shy and hesitant in her self-expression. Like the rose in her hair, she is In Full Bloom. She is beginning her journey into Womanhood. Despite many tensions over the years there is a great deal of Spanish influence in Navajo culture. The rose in her hair signifies a nod of appreciation to those Spanish influences, some of which include the introduction of sheep which led to the creation of Navajo weaving and the art of silver-smithing.