Sublette, Ned

Ned Sublette - Ricardo Cane's Shoes, Matanzas

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Ned Sublette - Ricardo Cane's Shoes, Matanzas

  • Photograph
  • C. 2000
  • 16'' x 20 ''
  • $675.00
  • NSRicardoCane'sShoes,Matanzas
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Matanzas might be the great African city of the New World. It is the cradle of much of what we think of as Cuban culture - the rumba, the danzon, and the African religions of Cuba. Matanzas is the home of the greatest rumba group in history: Los Munequitos de Matanzas, six of whose albums I released on Qbadisc and three of which I produced. Though Havana can swallow you up, I always make at least a day trip to Matanzas to visit Los Munequitos. Cane is a senior member of Los Munequitos, a son of the orisha Chango (lord of the drums) and a very sharp dresser.