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Oil on Canvas Panel


17.25" x 15.5" framed. Ex Arizona collection. Location: Zion National Park, UT. "I only recently have really started exploring Zion, and while the vistas that make it famous have provided ample inspiration, this particular scene really shows the character of the canyon in a different way. One of the challenging things about painting Zion is that the rocks vary widely in color due to their geology, their level of oxidation, and whether light shines directly or obliquely on their surfaces. As a colorist, I find this kind of thing to be a fun, if often frustrating, challenge. I had just finished another painting up the canyon, and in winter, when you can drive all the way to the end, the afternoon shadows come early and can be very chilly, so I had followed the sun downstream to take a break by the river. Soon, my sunny spot was in the shade, but with this unexpected bit of drama unfolding high up on the cliffs opposite me I soon forgot about the cold. It is amazing how inspiration warms the bones out in the field!" -Stephen C. Datz
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