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Stephen C. Datz - A Tale of Wind and Water (PLV90469-0423-001)

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18" x 36" framed. "This view looks north from the notoriously scenic hogback along which Utah Highway 12 runs as it winds south from Boulder Town toward Escalante. The hogback is a high ridge between Calf Creek, which is behind this viewpoint, and Boulder Creek, which runs behind the prominent ridge in the center of the piece. The bright green of newly leafed cottonwoods defines the route of Dry Hollow, which is a tributary of Boulder Creek, and on days like this one is anything but dry. The rock here is Navajo sandstone, a product of ancient dunes deposited by wind and then compressed by subsequent pressure from overlaying layers of rock. Now it is water's turn to reveal and sculpt this pale sandstone, as the storm darkening the background and obscuring Boulder Mountain promises flash floods in the canyons. Never a better time to be up high taking in the views and contemplating a hot cup of coffee than during a spring cloudburst in the canyon country." - Stephen C. Datz
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