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Jill Carver - Saguaro Sunset (PLV90335B-0322-004)

PRODUCT # PLV90335B-0322-004

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Oil on Canvas


40" x 40" framed. Last spring during the weeks of my solo show at the gallery I spent many days and evenings hiking in Sabino Creek Recreation Area, painting and observing. The halo that appears around the spiny sides of a saguaro as it stands backlit by the setting sun is mesmerizing. I wanted to explore that in paint to see if I could achieve that vibration of form against sky. The halos even appeared on the inside of my eyelids at night after staring so long at dark against light! I wanted to include that experience, so on the left I included a few carefully rendered saguaro hinted at by depicting the halo alone. That too perhaps conveys a sense of time moving on; that the sun had set and all that remained was their halo in my mind's eye.
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