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Ancient Voices Collection - Ancient Resonance - Wrap Silk Scarf (M1741)

PRODUCT # AragonAncientResonancewrapscarf

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The Ancient Voices Collection is a connection to the understanding of the living world that our ancestors taught us to believe in. It is an exploration to the ideas and stories that were eternalized in monochrome designs on vessels that date back for centuries.

"Ancient Resonance" is a rendition of a design from an ancestral Olla (oh-ya) that dated back to the early 1900's or late 1800's. The Olla became the inspiration for the Ancient Resonance gown, commissioned by Walt Disney World and now on display at the Epcot Center World Showcase. The designs speak of a story of the living world that resonates through time. The living world is an energy that continues to carry the voices of the past. We are a part of that energy that compels us to embrace our existence and rise beyond limits.

Limited Edition, 100% Silk, 18mm Silk Charmeuse, Hand Wash Only.

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