Pima Tray with Dog Pictorials

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Pima Tray with Dog Pictorials

  • C. 1920
  • 11.75''
  • $485.00
  • SK2241
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This tray is in excellent condition. The coil count is 3 and the stitch count is 9, per inch. 11.75" diameter. With the custom stand, it is 12.25 inches tall. The side images show that the basket is rested in the stand and leans slightly backwards. Acquired from a private collection out of Oregon. It was given to the family in 1922 by a friend, who was a dealer in Taos at the time, and it has been in the family ever since. The mother later lived in Taos starting in the 1950s, and became friends with Millicent Rogers and other notable Taos residents. The owner has authorized us to lower the price from $1,050 to $485.