Old Lady Nampeyo of Hano - Hopi Polychrome Jar

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Old Lady Nampeyo of Hano - Hopi Polychrome Jar

  • C. 1900
  • 3'' x 6''
  • $4,800.00
  • P2185
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Acquired from a private collection. The owner has inherited this pot from her father, who purchased it in Arizona in the 1950s. He was working in Utah for the Standard Oil Company, as a geologist. He took frequent trips to Arizona to purchase pottery and other artifacts. It was acquired along with another pot by Nampeyo which had writing on the bottom stating "Made, painted and baked by famous Indian squaw Nampayah" A tag on the bottom of this pot states "Made by Nampeyo, the best pottery maker, Hopi Indians. Design in bird forms. New Mexico." The "old lady Nampeyo of Hano," as she was referred to, is considered the matriarch potter of the Hopi pueblo. She developed her own style based on the traditional Sityakti designs.