Loffler, Richard

SOLD Richard Loffler - North of 49

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SOLD Richard Loffler - North of 49

  • Bronze
  • Edition: 10
  • 14'' x 12''
  • RLNorthof49
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"In Saskatchewan we have a very large population of whitetail deer. The horn size, due to climatic conditions and nutrition found in the north, makes for some very large horns and, subsequently, because of the cold, some very large-bodied deer. Having seen thousands of such deer over the last 40 years both in the field and in zoos at close proximity, I wanted to depict not just any whitetail buck but a western Canadian whitetail buck. Everything that makes a large rutting buck typical within these prairie/parkland ecosystems is rendered into this piece. The gnarly hair masses, the overly compensated swelling of glands and the stoutness in statute, all held together within lines of beauty and grace." - Richard Loffler