News & Press - 2013

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Bill Schenck: Pop Westerns

Dennis Ziemienski: Fred Harvey and the American Southwest

Young Guns: Banding Together

Gregory Kondos: Nature Was My Teacher

Into the Wild: Dominik Modlinski

Howard Post at Medicine Man Gallery

Mark Bowles, Sixteen Sixteen, October 2013

Mark Bowles and Fred Borcherdt

Shonto Begay: Composing My World

Logan Maxwell Hagege: Desert Visions

Merrill Mahaffey: Geological Geometry

The West Select: Phoenix Art Museum

Ed Mell: Jack Knife in New York

Lisa Danielle: Glimpses into the Old West

Howard Post: Western Perspectives

Josh Elliott: Desert Caballeros Western Museum

Nathan Benn: Kodachrome's Lasting Color and Memory

Nathan Benn: Before Digital

Nathan Benn: Once Upon a Time in America

Francis Livingston: Capturing History

Maynard Dixon: Maynard on the Mount

State of the Art: Arizona

Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery 2013 Shows

Mark Sublette Releases Second Novel

John Coleman: Visions of Change

Man of Mystery Publishes Second Novel

John Coleman: Leader in Representational Art

John Coleman: Memorializing John Catlin

Maria Martinez: Molding a Legacy

Squash Blossom Necklaces: A Resurgence of Style 

Doug Hyde: Spirits in the Stone

Star Liana York: Inner Dynamics