News & Press - 2009

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Icons of the West: CAA Sale & Exhibition

Grandeur of the West: Unique Visions of the Western Landscape

Josh Elliott: Return of the Native

Josh Elliott: Landscapes of the West

Gregory Kondos: Sacramento Bee, March 2009

Francis Livingston: Desert Reflection

Merrill Mahaffey: Icons

Gary Earnest Smith: Chronicling Rural America

Shonto Begay: Sheepcamp Rules

Shonto Begay: Looking to the Light

Shonto Begay: My Name is Who I am

Shonto Begay: Celebrating Promises

Dennis Ziemienski: The Iconic West

Howard Post: Balance

Ed Mell: Abstract Interpretations

P. A. Nisbet: Artistic Symbiosis

Martha Braun: Expressions in Color & Form

Ed Mell: Abstract Energy

P.A. Nisbet: Wild Country

Gallery Feature: Medicine Man Gallery, Santa Fe

Goyahkla: The One Who Yawns

Geronimo Remembered

Historic Trading Posts of the West

Santa Fe Insider

John Coleman: Permanence

John Coleman: Mythmaker

Native American Sculpture: At the Crossroads

Art of the West Exhibition

Arts of Another Era

Beyond Clay and Loom

Geronimo: Shaman, Seer, and Warrior

Taos Founders: Making History

Maria and Julian Martinez: The Art of Polychrome Pottery

Native Art: History, Spirit and Memories

Navajo Saddle Blankets: 1870-1930

Northwest Coast Artifacts: Symbols of the Land

Old Pawn Jewelry: Starting Your Collection

Portable Wealth: Navajo Silver

Taos High Road

Taos Traditions

Western Photography: Visions of the West

Wild at Heart

Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows: Western Pedigree

Veryl Goodnight: Three Visions

Susan Kliewer: Navajo Compound, Hawaii

Susan Kliewer: Capturing Tradition

Star Liana York: Telling Moments

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