Gregg, Paul (1876-1949)

Paul Gregg (1876-1949) - New Model (with poem by Gene Lindberg)

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Paul Gregg (1876-1949) - New Model (with poem by Gene Lindberg)

  • Oil on Canvas
  • C. dated 1937
  • 24'' x 22''
  • $950.00
  • PDC91220A-0915-002
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32 by 30 inches framed. Poem states: Take a look at my new model - speaking' o' new model time. A sweet-handling' little number; you kin turn 'er on a dime! One-hand steerin' with knee action - Mister, she's got what it takes. Pickup, speed and automatic, self-renewing' four-hoof brakes. Wind an' sun kin wreck a paint job. Ain't no paint on this'n here. Always keeps her glossy finish - Grows a new one, every year! Seat's adjustable, upholstered with top-quality cowhide, an' her all-wool saddle blanket helps t' give that cushioned ride. Self-repairin', self-refueling', with no f. o. b. plus freight. How'd yuh like my little streamlined one-hose model '38?" The owner has authorized us to lower the price from $1,675 to $950. This is an excellent opportunity for a collector.