Navajo Third Phase Chiefs Blanket

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Navajo Third Phase Chiefs Blanket

  • C. 1960
  • 64.5'' x 59.5''
  • $2,800.00
  • T90498-0914-141
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This textile is in excellent condition. The warp count is 8 and the weft count is 16, per inch. Acquired from a private collection out of Arizona. The owners were great friends with James Parker, the curator of the Heard Museum, and Lovena Ohl, the "Doyenne of American Indian Art." The owners embraced the colors, cultures, and art forms of the American southwest. They became collectors of the art forms they were introduced to by their friends at the Heard Museum. Their collection came to encompass native weavings, kachinas, pottery, jewelry, sculptures, and paintings. They regularly attended the ceremonial dances in northern Arizona, the summer markets in Santa Fe and art shows at the Heard. They learned from the artists whose work they collected and turned artists into lifelong friends. This experienced greatly enriched their lives.