Navajo Klagetoh Rug , c. 1925-30, 64" x 39"

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Navajo Klagetoh Rug , c. 1925-30, 64" x 39"

  • C. 1925-30
  • 64'' x 39''
  • $1,925.00
  • T91824A-0215-001
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Acquired out of a private collection in Florida. This rug is in very good condition. There are no stains, holes, or moth damage with this rug. One side is very slightly faded, and this fading is very minor. At one of the corners, the weft has some loose areas, so some of the warp yarns show through and some loops of the weft stick out just a little. All of the corners still have their corner tassels, and there is no color run or stains of any sort. The warp count is 5, and the weft count is 22 per inch. All of the wool is handspun. The creamy white, grey, and dark brown (almost black) colors are all natural. The red wool yarns were dyed with an aniline dye, which is consistent with the time period this was made, circa 1925-30.