Navajo Ganado Runner, c. 1930s, 99" x 38"

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Navajo Ganado Runner, c. 1930s, 99" x 38"

  • C. 1930
  • 99'' x 38''
  • $3,850.00
  • T3782
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Acquired from a private collection out of Idaho. Jimmie Stuart Gregory and Georgia Belle Thompson were married in 1922. He was from Colorado Springs, Colorado and she was from Dodge City, Kansas. Less than a year after they were married, Jim joined the Air Force and was stationed in Oxnard, California for training. Every time he had a break in his training, they would drive to see their parents. The route they took was through Arizona. At that time, the Navajo Indians had areas set up along side the road to sell blankets and rugs. Every time Jimmie and Georgia drove through, they purchased as many as they could afford. He was discharged from the war in 1944 or 1945 and they moved to Colorado.