Navajo Crystal Rug with Central Cross

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Navajo Crystal Rug with Central Cross

  • C. 1900-10
  • 69.5'' x 46.5''
  • $6,800.00
  • T91602A-0415-012
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It has a very soft feel to the weaving, like a blanket. It is an early piece with a very strong visual element in the center of the weaving. This cross relates to the number 4 which is very symbolic for the Navajo. It is related to the four directions and the four sacred mountains. The center of the cross is viewed as the center of creation. Also, the style of this cross was influenced by seeing the Maltese cross worn by crusaders. The Navajo Nation Fire Department even uses it in their logo. It is an older rug, and as is common, the edges of the weaving are not completely straight. This is very typical of this time frame. There are no holes or fading. There is some very minor spotting, but it is very pale and not distracting from the beauty of this weaving.