Navajo Crystal Rug, c. 1950, 66" x 50"

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Navajo Crystal Rug, c. 1950, 66" x 50"

  • C. 1950
  • 66'' x 50''
  • $725.00
  • T91942A-0513-009
Additional Information


It has a slightly curvy shape, not a perfect rectangle. It is in great condition with some minor spotting in one corner, which is barely noticeable. The small black dots that can be seen are not a condition issue. Rather, this is a very neat feature! The small black dots are black warp yarns (foundation yarns) peeking through the weft yarns (main design yarns). The weaver chose to alternate white and black warp yarns, which is spiritually significant. These alternating warp yarn colors often symbolize rain.