Datz, Stephen C.

Datz, Stephen C. - Monsoon Rising


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil on Panel
  • Size: 16'' x 20''

ON LOAN TO THE EXHIBITION FOR THE US EMBASSY IN TURKMENISTAN, PLEASE INQUIRE AS TO AVAILABILITY. Artist's Statement: "Between my home in Grand Junction and Green River Utah is 120 miles of wide open desert. Though it may not strike most passers through as particularly scenic, I find it compelling. It is a blank canvas, if you will, which is enlivened by extremes of light and weather. In late July and August, the desert southwest experiences its "monsoon", with weather systems often bringing moist air up from the south. Clouds begin building around noon and usually reach maturity in a crescendo of rain, wind, and lightning by evening time. This painting captures the beginning of that storm cycle, as huge cumulus clouds sprout in the hot air rising from the desert. This view encompasses hundreds of square miles, and was interesting to me not just because of the very active sky but because the shadows from the clouds really show the irregular, broken topography of this place in a lovely pattern of color and shape. They really bring to life the sense of vast and silent space that is such a defining characteristic of this area."

Datz, Stephen C. - Monsoon Rising Datz, Stephen C. - Monsoon Rising
Datz, Stephen C. - Monsoon Rising
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