J. B. Owens / Arthur Best

J. B. Owens Utopian Pottery Lamp Vase Number I002, Hand-Painted by Arthur Best (1859-1935) - Painting of Sego, a Shoshone Man c. 1895-99, 20" x 8" x 10" (F91924-0921-001)


Additional Information

  • Circa: 1895-1899
  • Size: 20'' x 8'' x 10.0''
Original Owens Pottery est. 1895, located in Seagrove/Westmoore area of Moore County, North Carolina, is the oldest pottery shop in the North Carolina. It is still open and operated by Boyd Owens, the son of M.L. Owens, one of a long tradition of Owens family potters spanning three centuries.

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