Datz, Stephen C.

Stephen C. Datz - The Map is Not the Territory (PLV90469-0122-004)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil
  • Size: 32'' x 32''
39" x 39" framed. "This old saying is especially true in the Boulder and Escalante region of southern Utah. I’ve confirmed it many times over on my journeys through the wilderness of these canyons, and for those driving south on Highway 12 from Boulder, Utah, this is both the first glimpse of how profoundly true that saying is here, and a preview of wonders yet to come. This canyon is called Dry Hollow. It’s a tributary Boulder Creek, which is in turn a tributary of the Escalante River. In its upper reaches it winds its way through the massive sandstone domes that characterize the charming landscape around Boulder. Here we see it in morning light, where it shows the ability of buff colored sandstone to take on any number of amazing colors under different light conditions."

Stephen C. Datz - The Map is Not the Territory (PLV90469-0122-004)
Stephen C. Datz - The Map is Not the Territory (PLV90469-0122-004)


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