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Matt is an award winning British artist living and working in Dubai, UAE. A life long painter inspired by the natural world, and the beauty of nature.

Matt moved to Dubai in 2005, and after taking the leap to professional artist has quickly established himself and gained critical acclaim for his landscapes and florals both locally and internationally. 

Matt is committed to documenting the beauty of the world, be it land, sea or sky and highlighting the changing landscape that surrounds us through the medium of oil paint. With a true love for the outdoors Matt's paintings often start as small onsite studies, painting Plein-Air in the deserts and mountains in order to capture true light and colour that can be transferred to the studio for larger work. Being predominantly self taught has enabled Matt to develop a technique that is very unique to him with a particular emphasis on bringing the feel of natural light into his work. 

He has taught and exhibited in the UAE, USA and Ireland. 

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