Mark Winter Biography

Mark Winter from Toadlena Trading Post and weaver Rose Blue Eyes will be exhibiting the very finest Two Grey Hills rugs here at the gallery in December.  Winter’s association with that historic trading post is singular.  Whetted by his attraction to Two Grey Hills Rugs, he and a partner purchased the old Toadlena post when it became available several years ago.  Completely renovating it and retaining as much of the historical fabric as possible, he set it up not only as a working trading post but also as a museum devoted to the display of the local rug tradition.  Not satisfied with that, he began to encourage the local weavers to return to using only handspun yarn and to upgrade their design and weaving skills to the heyday of Two Grey Hills weaving in the 1940’s and 50’s.  Quality rose.   With it a new pride in production of fine textiles also  rose among the weavers.   Now as women bring these new upgraded rugs to the post, Winter carefully documents each one and records genealogical information about the weaver and her family.  The result of all this is a rich lode of historical information about people in the area and a continuing recorded history of its rug industry.   Needless to say, Winter’s work is an estimable example of what can happen as a result of dedication and love for the Navajo people and their craft.

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