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Maeve Eichelberger discussing her art

Maeve Eichelberger discussing her art


Maeve Eichelberger is a Colorado native. Inspired by formal design elements; Line, Shape, Color, Texture and Space, Maeve uses her photogrpahy, drawing and collage as mediums to support her sculptural exploration. Hand etching, and forming her scultpures with heat, she uses Plexiglass as a material for its modern, durable and transparent qualities, allowing her to explore layers more deeply. “I create multiple layers of experience that demonstrates the significance of observing life both sequentially and simultaneously”.

She has exhibited her work around the country, and is collected by Museums and various private collectors internationally. Maeve now resides in Denver an is represented by Vail International Gallery in Vail, CO. And A RARE Gallery in Jackson, WY. Her current series focuses on western and urban motifs, honoring the many forms and history of the west.



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