Laurencita Herrera (b. 1912-1984) Biography

Laurencita is the legendary matriarch of a family of famous potters. Her family includes her renowned daughters, Seferina Ortiz and Mary Frances Herrera. She is the grandmother of Virgil Inez (Wild Rose), Janice and Joyce Ortiz. She is the great grandmother of Lisa Holt. In several ways, this family has kept Cochiti pottery thriving. Laurencita is most known for her pottery figures of mothers & children, and animals. She also made jars and bowls with Cochiti designs.

Her pottery is published in many books and can be found in museums across the country.

Laurencita Herrera - Cochiti Storyteller Jar c. 1970sCochiti Storyteller Jar c. 1970s by Laurencita Herrera

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