Brockman, Joshua

Joshua Brockman - Scholder with his Last 'Indian' Series


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  • Edition: 1 of 12
  • Circa: 2001
  • Size: 19.88'' x 14.25''

28.125" x 21.75" framed. Photograph is printed on archival paper and signed and numbered by the artist. Image show artist's watermark, which is not shown on the actual photograph. "This Wednesday in Santa Fe, the Institute of American Indian Arts will dedicate a museum gallery in Mr. Scholder's honor. It was while teaching painting at the institute, in 1967, that he began the controversial ''Indian'' series that propelled his career. Although one of his grandmothers was a Native American from the Luiseño tribe in California, Mr. Scholder said, he grew up ''a non-Indian.'' Still, his innovative approach, based on observation and historical research, repudiated traditional, sentimentalized renderings of mythic Indians. ''I have painted the Indian real, not red,'' he wrote in 1972 of his work from this era. Mr. Scholder said he was the first artist to paint an Indian wrapped in an American flag, a motif that has found its way into Native American imagery. He said he had based the image on 19th-century prison photographs of Indians dressed in surplus flags in lieu of their confiscated tribal regalia. ''I was very aware of the irony that had never been depicted,'' he recalled. His numerous series on Native American themes, created between 1967 and the 1990's, still resonate. In an essay for ''Fritz Scholder: Paintings,'' Frank H. Goodyear Jr., the director of the Heard Museum in Phoenix, wrote of these works: ''Scholder has achieved this sense of turning the pages of Indian history and, at the same time, has made some of his most strikingly contemporary images.'' -Joshua Brockman, The New York Times, August 12, 2001. 
At the end of his life, Scholder returned to the “Indian” series that propelled his career.

Joshua Brockman - Scholder with his Last 'Indian' Series
Joshua Brockman - Scholder with his Last 'Indian' Series
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