Carver, Jill

Jill Carver - Monsoon Rising (PLV90335B-0322-001)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Size: 36'' x 72''
39.5" x 75.5" framed. Sourced from the same eventful morning as Clouds Unfold – Canyonlands, this was a little later in the day when the air had started to clear and the clouds took on a more solid structure. I wanted to convey the sense of movement but also capture how we view such a large panorama. We can not take it all in at once, so our viewing is made up of a series of glimpses of shapes, colors, edges, or contrasts that catch our eye. I hope I translated that sense of experience to the canvas; some areas feel tangible and focused while others are soft and out of focus, suggested but not fully explained. The two paintings evolved with different technical narratives. Clouds Unfold - Canyonlands was based on a diamond like armature of diagonals joining the center points of the four edges, while using a softer harmonious palette of coral pink, beiges, and greens. Monsoon Rising was based on a diagonal armature using the corners to accentuate the dramatic cloud uplift with a dramatic contrasting palette of blues and oranges.


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