Harrison Begay Jr. Biography

Harrison Begay Jr. is a is Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Jemez potter/painter who was born in Jeddito, Arizona, a small town near Keams Canyon. He was trained as a painter during his college days and married a woman from the Santa Clara Pueblo, moving there shortly after. He learned Santa Clara style pottery from his mother-in-law. Today, Begay’s signature pottery is a mix of different tribal traditions. Harrison's pottery aesthetic is a mixture of prehistoric petroglyphs and Navajo symbolism, resulting in finely carved, very polished vessels.

Harrison is an innovative artisan and has won multiple awards from the Heard Museum Fair and SWAIA's Santa Fe Indian Market. He is represented by multiple galleries, museums, and his work lives in private collections across the globe. Harrison has taught his son Daniel pottery making, and Daniel is now also a talented and recognized potter.

Harrison Begay Jr. - Santa Clara Black Jar with Carved Kachina DesignSanta Clara Black Jar with Carved Kachina Design c. 2007, 6.25” x 5.5” by Harrison Begay Jr.

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