Fellows, CAA, Fred

Fred Fellows, CAA - Half the Battle

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Fred Fellows, CAA - Half the Battle

  • Bronze
  • Edition: 100
  • 12'' x 18'' x 7''
  • $2,800.00
  • FFHalftheBattleBronze
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Measurements include the base. The sculpture, Half the Battle was created in 1999. The cowboy depicted in this sculpture is the artist, Fred Fellows, CA. The gear is typical for a turn of the century cowboy working on the range, including a c.1900 Visalia saddle, modeled after one in the artist's collection. The inspiration for this piece came from Fred's experiences with roping horses. Roping a horse is much more difficult and dangerous than roping a cow, since a horse has no horns for the rope to easily wrap around. Instead, the rope falls around the horse's neck and shoulders giving the horse opportunity to fight the rope, continue forward and possibly take the cowboy with him. Half the battle is roping the horse; the rest is getting the horse turned around, into a halter, corralled and finally saddled.