Geraldine Sandia Biography

Geraldine was born into Jemez Pueblo in 1950. Her interest in working with clay began when she was 10 years old. She learned the fine art of traditional pottery making from her mother, Cecilia Loretto. Geraldine gathers clay from the hills surrounding Jemez, she cleans and uses the traditional coil method of building a pot. Her work is sanded, hand painted and stone polished before firing outdoors the old way.

Geraldine is known for using classical designs both matte and polished on the same piece. Her designs are traditional and interpreted in a contemporary way. She has been potting since 1972 and has won awards at Santa Fe Indian Market and at Gallup Ceremonials.

Geraldine Sandia - Jemez Black on Red Storage Jar with Feather Motifs c. 1980sJemez Black on Red Storage Jar with Feather Motifs c. 1980s by Geraldine Sandia

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