York, Star Liana

Star Liana York - Gathering of the Flock (Monumental)

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Star Liana York - Gathering of the Flock (Monumental)

  • Bronze
  • C. 1997
  • 60'' x 67'' x 28''
  • SLYGatheringoftheFlockMonumental
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Fewer than 5 in edition, please call for availability.The idea for this sculpture came from a research trip to the Navajo Reservation in the fall of 1991. Star had been aware that tending sheep was one of the chores young Navajo girls are frequently asked to do, both in historic times as well as today. Sheep often wander for great distances over the course of a day, foraging where little grass grows. Combining this knowledge into a single image led Star to picture the scene she has captured in this sculpture, in which this young Navajo girl, traditionally dressed, lifts and flutters her skirt as she guides the flock on its homeward way.