York, Star Liana

Star Liana York - Ganado Red


Additional Information

  • Medium: Bronze
  • Circa: 1998
  • Size: 86'' x 46'' x 36''
Fewer than 5 in edition, please call for availability. Out in the land of little rain, the title "Ganado Red" is taken from the style of rug design developed by weavers from the Navajo Reservation area of Ganado. Around the turn of the century, Lorenzo Hubbell - of the legendary Hubbell Trading Post - encouraged and influenced designs done by the Navajo Weavers, and styles such as Ganado Red were born. This sculpture depicts a Navajo woman who is shaking out a just completed weaving, presenting her work of art, her labor of love, proudly. It was inspired by a Navajo weaver from Monument Valley who spoke no English or Spanish, but whose exuberant expression upon displaying her newly finished work spoke volumes about the satisfaction she gets from her proficiency at the loom.
Star Liana York - Ganado Red Star Liana York - Ganado Red
Star Liana York - Ganado Red
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