Datz, Stephen C.

Datz, Stephen C. - Evening Illumination

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Datz, Stephen C. - Evening Illumination

  • Oil on Canvas Board
  • 16'' x 24''
  • $4,625.00
  • PLV90469-0315-001
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23.5" x 31.5" framed. EVENING ILLUMINATION: "This painting is based on a field study I did on my very first paint trip to Tucson, back in March 2007. This is an area in the Santa Rita Mountains along the road going up to Madera Canyon. Though I really loved the abstract quality of the study, it was, I felt, not quite on target in terms of the color, light, and shadow of the evening in which I painted it. A year or so later I used that study to work up a different, more expansive view of the Santa Rita's for a show, but that piece lacked the pure abstract strength of the study. The idea of working up another studio piece that hewed more closely to the abstract composition of the study was persistent, so finally last year I borrowed it back from the collector who owns it and worked up this painting. This was great fun to do, and really took me back to that evening, out discovering the charms of the southern Arizona mountains, which are unlike anything I have ever painted before or since." - Stephen C. Datz