Curtis, Edward S. (1868-1952)

Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952) – A Yaundanchi Yokuts Woman (PDC91636A-0120-007)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Photogravure on Van Gelder Paper
  • Circa: 1924
  • Size: 15.5'' x 11.5''
Unframed. Plate 507, published in “The North American Indian (1907-1930) v.14, The Kato. The Wailaki. The Yuki. The Pomo. The Wintun. The Maidu. The Miwok. The Yokuts.” Artist Comments: “The Yaudanchi formerly controlled the territory about the headwaters of Tule river in Tulare county, including the present Tule River reservation, where the survivors are quartered.”

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