York, Star Liana

Star Liana York - Dreamcatcher (Medium)

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Star Liana York - Dreamcatcher (Medium)

  • Bronze
  • 34'' x 16'' x 14''
  • $7,800.00
  • SLYDreamcatcherMedium
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A custom practiced by some Plains Indian tribes was fashioning a leather-wrapped circle and tying string through its middle in the pattern of a spider web. An opening was left in the center of the web to which was attached various good luck charms. Fastening the talisman to the head of a cradleboard allowed the child's good dreams to pass through the web's hole, trapping the malevolent forces in the web. The Apache woman has traded for the talisman called "a Dreamcatcher" and views it in wonder and hope for her young child's future...determined to give the child every advantage using magic and mysticism to insure the child's well being.