Brill, Curt

Curt Brill - Reclining Figure III


Additional Information

  • Medium: Bronze
  • Edition: 5
  • Circa: Contemporary
  • Size: 5'' x 19'' x 7''

Sculptor Curt Brill sees his work as both unique and universal simultaneously. Just as each human is distinct from another, we all share experiences that have commonalities regardless of culture or location.

In Reclining Figure III, the artist suggests a person enjoying a moment of tranquility.

“This person could be relaxing with a book and turning the page or lying around in their PJs, sipping a cup of coffee,” says the artist. “I wanted this sculpture to be a slice of life, that each viewer would interpret through their own experiences, rather than a fixed narrative that only tells one story.”

The bronze sculpture measures 5" x 19" x 7" and is on a 1.5" x 22" x 10" base.

Reclining Figure III can also be created in a monumental size. Please contact the gallery to discuss the process.

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