Kliewer, Susan

x SOLD OUT Susan Kliewer - Cheyenne Splendor

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x SOLD OUT Susan Kliewer - Cheyenne Splendor

  • Bronze
  • Edition: 50
  • 25'' x 10'' x 11''
  • SKCheyenneSplendor
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"The Plains Indian was an image of spectacle and drama with his feathers and fringed hides fluttering in the wind. The Cheyenne reveled in finery and wore the best he owned for ceremonial occasions. This Northern Cheyenne is wearing an eagle feather bonnet. War bonnets were usually saved for special events, not combat, where they might be lost in battle. His bowcase is made of mountain lion fur, his shirt and leggings, tanned elk hide. His necklace is a rawhide Thunder Bird medicine bundle. Trappings which reflect a mystic soul living close to nature." - Susan Kliewer