Datz, Stephen C.

x SOLD Datz, Stephen C. - Ghost River

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x SOLD Datz, Stephen C. - Ghost River

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  • 6'' x 15''
  • PLV90469-0219-005
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12" x 13.5" framed. ARTIST COMMENTS: When I travel from Colorado to Tucson, I usually drive, and I prefer the "blue highways", the two lane "back roads" that cross some truly beautiful country as they move me from A to B. The things I see on these drives never fail to inspire me, and I love finding things that I had not seen on previous trips. This particular vista is on the Navajo reservation - Agua Sal Wash just north of Round Rock. To most, probably, an unremarkable spot in every way. But what glorious patterns the last water to have flowed through this wash had left behind in the sand! That, plus the beautifully clear November sunshine, created what for me is an almost archetypal vista in this dry, red land.