Datz, Stephen C.

SOLD Datz, Stephen C. - Water's Ways

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SOLD Datz, Stephen C. - Water's Ways

  • Oil on Canvas Board
  • C. Contemporary
  • 8'' x 12''
  • PLV90469-1118-006
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14" x 18" framed. "This is a view from a backpacking trip I did years ago in the Escalante/Grand Staircase National Monument with a group of friends. It was quite an exceptional adventure, and I always feel like I get whiplash on these excursions because there is so much to see that my head never stops swiveling. One of the most beautiful aspects of these canyons is the "desert varnish" streaking the walls, which is caused by watering oxidizing the minerals in the sandstone. Another charming and welcoming sight in these places can be seen at the bottom of the streaks, above the waterline: hanging gardens fed by natural 'seeps' or springs in the canyon walls. Water, falling on the uplands above the canyons as rain, percolates down through the sandstone over the course of hundreds or even thousands of years, to emerge pure and delicious to both the plants and the hikers it nourishes. Often times at such places you can see hikers' water bottles lined up below these dripping springs, catching the cool water which Mother Nature has so kindly filtered for the thirsty travellers who will savor it." -Stephen C. Datz