Pima Basket c. 1900s, 4" x 7.5"

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Pima Basket c. 1900s, 4" x 7.5"

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  • C. 1900s
  • 3.75'' x 7.5''
  • $325.00
  • SK90169-1018-004
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This basket is in very good condition. The rim is intact. There are no breaks. There is some red residue on the interior of the basket that covers four stitches only. There are only four stitches missing on the exterior. The coloring of the basket is still very vibrant. Acquired from a private collection in California. This basket belonged to the owner's grandmother who actively collected in the 1940s through the early 1980s. She lived in both Tucson (from 1965-1987) and Lincoln, Nebraska.