Begay, Shonto

Shonto Begay - Losing My Spirit for Salvation

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Shonto Begay - Losing My Spirit for Salvation

  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 36'' x 48''
  • $8,600.00
  • PLV90210A-0518-001
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“We are born with the land, among the sandstone, the canyons, the mesa. Every morning, there is prayer for the earth. We are seared into the walls of the canyon, that’s where spirit lies. Christianity told us to get away from the earth, coaxed into the ethereal, away from the canyon walls towards angels for salvation. The new religion says to take a leap of faith, the angels are there. Ancient stories are shown as petroglyphs in the canyon walls. A sense of heat is at the bottom, the hellfire.” - Shonto Begay. Includes two photographs of the artist with the painting.