Datz, Stephen C.

SOLD Datz, Stephen C. - A Cold Spring

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SOLD Datz, Stephen C. - A Cold Spring

  • Oil on Canvas Board
  • 8'' x 10''
  • PLV90469-1117-016
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13.5" x 15.5" framed. ARTIST COMMENTS: Ah, the memories. A few years ago I was approached to participate as a “demonstrating artist” at the first ever Plein Air Expo, which was happening in Las Vegas of all places. I agreed, and in hindsight that largely proved to be a bad idea, but the trip was not a total loss. That weekend in mid-April proved to be one of the coldest and stormiest on record, and I had to be outside painting my field demo in the worst of it. Though I generally keep some cold weather gear in my truck, I was not prepared for the gale force winds and graupel snow that hammered me as I painted. This is the view I chose, from a place I believe was called Spring Mountain Ranch. The canvas from that day, which is the same size as this, was probably one of the hardest won and least successful paintings I’ve ever done. I stood in that storm, as required by the Expo, for 5+ hours, clinging to my easel to keep it from blowing away and painting with grim determination. That canvas is a bit of a mess and not much to look at, but I loved the color, atmosphere, and composition, and the idea of a re-try has been on my mental back burner since. This is what it might have looked like had the weather been more in my favor.