Datz, Stephen C.

Datz, Stephen C. - Ghost Rock

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Datz, Stephen C. - Ghost Rock

  • Oil on Canvas Board
  • 8'' x 10''
  • $1,100.00
  • PLV90469-1117-015
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13.5" x 15.5" framed. ARTIST COMMENTS: This is a landmark on I-70 in central Utah near the Eagle Canyon area. I don’t know why it is called Ghost Rock, but I hiked out along a canyon rim to get a more distant vantage point with some of the drizzly April atmosphere veiling the rock. I did take the liberty of painting out the rest area parking lot at the base of the rock. Sometimes you just have to whip out that artistic license. A nice, moody piece…I love the color, too. This one was hard to give up, and is one of my favorite works in the show.