Datz, Stephen C.

SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Bookcliff Blues

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SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Bookcliff Blues

  • Oil on Canvas Board
  • 12'' x 30''
  • PLV90469-1117-012
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19" x 37" framed. ARTIST COMMENTS: The Bookcliffs are a distinctive landform of shale and sandstone that run almost 200 miles from the east end of the Grand Valley in Colorado to the middle of Utah. They are so named because the person who named them thought they looked like books that were sitting spine-up, partially opened with their pages splayed out. These things are extremely geometric, and the folds and contours of their eroded slopes are always a challenge to paint. They, along with fresh snow, are among my favorite subjects to paint, so when it snows on them I can usually be found roaming around out there looking for new vistas to paint. The cliff formation on the far right side of the painting is Mt. Garfield, and is a highly visible and recognizable landmark in the Grand Valley.